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Mike Bailey - Owner, Grey Kite ResourcesI’m a firm believer in using a business blog to share my experience – learning from mistakes is essential, but you don’t have to make them all yourself …

Many of the events that I describe are commonplace in business, and I hope these articles help you achieve better outcomes. One thing I emphasise strongly is consistency – once your team knows what to expect, management challenges no longer seem as tricky to negotiate.

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Social-Media ROI – Fact, Fiction or Fantasy?

Posted by on 3 Feb 2014 in blog, business, Featured, ROI, social media | 0 comments

Social-Media ROI – Fact, Fiction or Fantasy?

When I was young (don’t ask) writing budget proposals took time – but the rules were clear. There was a formula that most business people accepted, and it produced an easily recognized answer – the ubiquitous Return on Investment – that satisfied bosses the world over. I should know, I’ve written proposals by the dozen, approved a few and worn out the tee-shirt.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the era of intangible assets and difficult-to-measure outcomes – no, make that damn-near-impossible-to-measure outcomes. How do you go about pinning the tail on the ROI donkey today?

Working in manufacturing industry had its advantages; it was easy to show the cost of the latest widget-stamper you coveted, calculate how many extra widgets you planned to make with it and how many revenue dollars they would generate. Throw in a few expense items, a little extra working capital and a pinch of cost-savings, and “Voilà!” – a return-on-investment projection appeared as if by magic. (more…)

Why Most SEOs are Habitual Liars …

Posted by on 6 Dec 2013 in blog, content marketing, content strategy, SEO, writing | 3 comments

Why Most SEOs are Habitual Liars …

Maybe “Why Most People Who Call Themselves SEOs are Habitual Liars” would be strictly accurate, as I subscribe to the Michael Martinez school of thought. Whatever you do in the name of SEO for the primary purpose of improving PageRank isn’t optimization, it’s manipulation.

Not many people like to think of themselves as specialists in search-engine manipulation, so most take the easy route and choose to believe that they employ only untainted, white-hat ideology, with the sole intent of enhancing the user experience. It’s a short step from there to justifying anything from link-buying to article-spinning as a valid optimization technique, and a similarly natural logic to assuming the title “SEO.” (more…)

Why Great People are the Key to Business Success

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Why Great People are the Key to Business Success

I am often asked “What’s the formula for business success? What makes the difference between exceptional and mediocre?” I have a simple answer to these questions and others in similar vein: Great people!

Great People Pull Their Weight

In almost every business, the right raw material is there. What makes the difference is the willingness of people throughout the organization to step up and to perform as well as they are able. That doesn’t mean that everyone on your team has to be a superstar – far from it – but they have to pull their weight. (more…)