About Grey Kite Resources

Mike Bailey - Owner, Grey Kite ResourcesI’m Mike Bailey, a seasoned international businessman and CEO; I know what it’s like to learn things the hard way.

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with some great companies and I enjoyed a successful 30-year career in industry. Nowadays I’m self-employed, offering business advice and freelance writing services – two niches that dovetail unexpectedly well –  through my business, Grey Kite Resources.

Business Advisor

In 2007, I was one of the founders of an internet B2B start-up business, which traded for four years before becoming a casualty of the hardening economic conditions here in the UK. I learned a lot about managing bad debt, and in particular how futile it is to sue individuals who have no intention of paying you!

I hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Cambridge, and I advise on business planning, manufacturing, offshoring and outsourcing, start-ups and fund-raising. I also offer one-to-one coaching to a limited number of private clients.


I find LinkedIn a great resource. I’ve received direct enquiries, found new clients and learned a lot from the business community there. If you want to check out my profile, just click the “in” button:

Freelance Writer

I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I target clients who need a combination of technical awareness, business experience and creativity. Writing not only fills the gaps between business assignments, it often leads to more extensive collaboration once clients become aware of my background.

If you need white papers, business plans, technical copy, web pages, articles, blog posts or general content in British, U.S. or Australian English, hire me. You’ll get expertise in SEO, business, technology, engineering, science, travel and life in general; my work appears on various special-interest websites and blogs.

My writing clients tell me that I deliver exceptional value for money; I don’t just write, I create content that matches their business needs. I always take time to understand what each client is trying to achieve, and I’m happy to offer business advice as well as writing services – often at no extra cost. I build long-term relationships, and I communicate with clients regularly and effectively.