The Snow-White-Hat SEO and the Friendly Search Giant

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The Snow-White-Hat SEO and the Friendly Search Giant

A 31st-Century Fable …

Chapter 1: The Eternal Interweb

Long ago, in the mystical kingdom of Algor, lived a young white-hat SEO named Blanche, who spent many hours tending the gardens around her family’s dwelling-site. Each day, Blanche gazed from her bedroom window, marveling at the sight of the magical forest that her people, the Algorith, called “The Interweb,” and wondering what lay inside.

The Algorith were a peaceful people, happy to live in simple hand-built cottages, passed down from generation to generation. Most followed the traditional trade of Algor and became SEOs, supporting themselves by cultivating Content, a plant that grew naturally on dwelling-sites scattered throughout the forest. The best Content was highly valued by the Algorith, and successful SEOs encouraged people to visit their dwelling-sites and marvel at the quality of their crop.

The winding forest paths were narrow and difficult to follow. Only the elders ventured into The Interweb without a guide, and many a young SEO, travelling alone to an unfamiliar site, became lost. Experienced SEOs kept records of their journeys to neighboring sites, so they might find them again without difficulty. Using jet-black symbols known as black-inks, or simply “blinks,” they marked the paths to popular sites, allowing the Algorith to travel The Interweb without losing their way.

The Eternal Interweb

Skilled SEOs developed Content of the highest quality that attracted many visitors, and paths to their sites were marked by blinks leading from every part of The Interweb. Less experienced SEOs, seeking to promote themselves more widely, offered some of their best Content to neighboring sites, so that people seeing it would be encouraged to find more of the same. Often, site-owners with Content from other SEOs attracted visitors by erecting signs on tall, brightly colored poles called guest-posts.

The Impenetrable Larrybrinth

At the heart of The Interweb stood the Larrybrinth, an almost impenetrable maze surrounded by a wall of secrecy. The ruler of the Larrybrinth, an ancient Search Giant known only as the Boogle, was believed to be almost as old as The Interweb itself, and he cast a Spell of Silence on anyone who entered his kingdom to find work.

The Boogle’s pride and joy was his Monochrome Menagerie, a collection of rare black-and-white animals from every corner of the earth. So unpredictable and savage were the creatures of the Menagerie that the Boogle entrusted their care only to his protégé, Mascutt, a learned Algorithmic scholar.

The Algorith lived in fear of the Menagerie, and some recalled the night of terror when the Boogle’s Panda escaped the Larrybrinth and roamed The Interweb, feasting on content. SEOs with high-value Content always took great care to guard their sites against intruders, frustrating the Panda and forcing it to search for poor-quality Content that was unprotected.

The Boogle was so old and wise that the Algorith believed he knew everything about The Interweb. Mascutt encouraged SEOs to visit the Larrybrinth, where they might ask the Boogle for help. “Ask him anything – anything at all,” Mascutt would tell SEOs. “He loves to answer questions, so don’t hold back. But beware, never interrupt the Boogle once he starts speaking.”

Yahuvius and Beyond

One morning, Blanche’s mother fell ill, and Blanche knew she needed help. I don’t know how to treat her, she thought, and I need someone who does. Who can help me find a potion that will cure her?

Suddenly, she remembered Mascutt’s advice, and decided there and then to set out for the Larrybrinth, where she would ask the Boogle for help. Not even bothering to grab a coat, she dashed from the cottage and set off into the forest. Fortunately, the path to the Larrybrinth was well marked with many blinks, and she had no difficulty finding her way.

Blanche made her way through the forest, passing Yahuvius, a once-mighty volcano, now extinct but revered as the birthplace of The Interweb. Centuries ago, the Algorith worshipped on the slopes of Yahuvius, paying homage to the Master Wizard of The Interweb, Yinjerry the Great.

Once-Mighty Yahuvius

Legend has it that the Boogle was once Yinjerry’s apprentice, and studied the Algorithmic art under his tutelage. Over time, the Boogle became increasingly powerful and finally rose against his master, condemning him to eternal mediocrity, while Yahuvius fell silent. Some among the Algor believe that the volcano merely lies dormant, awaiting the second coming of the Marissiah, the fabled leader who will once again bring glory to Yahuvius and restore it to its rightful position at the center of The Interweb.

Eventually, Blanche arrived at the entrance to the Larrybrinth. It was a forbidding place, and she hesitated before entering. Will the Boogle help me? she wondered. Time to find out.

To be continued …

Image Credits:

The Boogle’s Panda – Ocal
The Eternal Interweb – Larisa Koshkina
Once-Mighty Yahuvius – Caltiva Creatividad
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  1. Brilliant fairytale, made me laugh. Shared…

    • Thanks for reading Jack. I enjoyed writing it and have another chapter or two ready to publish soon. Please check back if you want to follow the story as it unfolds

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